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    Disposable plastic salad containers - eco-friendly because they're made from recycled plastic and also recyclable! So the takeaway salad containers use less virgin plastic, have a low carbon footprint and can be recycled into more packaging after use! The containers are great for takeaway salads and pastas
  • This crystal clear lid offers excellent food visibility to go with our square shallow bagasse bowls.
  • Bio-plastic Salad Container – this disposable, eco-friendly salad container is made from Biopolymer. Biopolymer created using the waste of sugarcane, the sugar (dextrose) in corn undergoes a chemical process to become PLA. Corn is easy to regrow making it a great renewable resource. It has several economic and environmental advantages as it can be easily be composted. This can only be used for cold food as due its composition they must be stored in dry conditions and way from temperatures above 40°C