Compostable, disposable 9 inch plate. A great biodegradable plate for hot takeaway food – microwaveable and suitable for hot liquids and oily food.?The disposable plate is made from sugar bagasse – the fibres left behind when sugar syrup is extracted from sugar cane. Instead of polluting the air by burning the sugar cane by-product, the fibres go through a process of heating, pulping and then pressurised moulding. Because sugar cane re-grows easily, it’s a great renewable resource and helps us conserve resources. Polystyrene, in contrast, is made from oil which is finite. Bagasse also has a lower carbon footprint than conventional materials, thanks to the carbon-absorbing sugar cane. After use, the plate can be collected with your food waste and taken for composting. By turning the takeaway container into compost to help grow more plants – which can be used to make even more packaging – you’re using resources in a closed loop.