The 16oz biodegradable food containers or food pots are made from sustainable forest paper with a lining made from plant-based bio-plastic. And because they’re made from plants, these food pots are 100% compostable! The pots are suitable for temperatures ranging from -18?C to 96?C so are great for hot and cold foods – from soups to ice cream and frozen yoghurt. Plus contact us to add your own logo using our bespoke printing (min order quantity: 30,000). This 16oz food container can be used in conjunction with our flat lid (I00605) or domed lid (I00773). About bio-plastics: Traditional plastics are oil-based (oil being a finite resource) and take hundreds of years to degrade. Conversely, bio-plastics are annually renewable (because they’re derived from plants so can grow back) and suitable for commercial compost within 12 weeks . The carbon footprint of bio-plastic is therefore much lower.