Why Work With Us?

So you’re a food & drink service shop who wants to do right by the planet. Fantastic – you’re exactly our people.

It can be challenging to find a supplier who you like, can trust, can afford, and meets your sustainability standards. But look no further – you’ve found it in us!

But we don’t want to just offer you the best. We at London Bio Packaging want to do you one better, by providing you just that: Better.

Better means that we are always working to do even more for youBetter means that we won’t stop at offering you the minimum, but will provide more opportunities to meet your eco-goals. Better means that we are customer devoted and will be as flexible as we can possibly be to meet your business’ demands.

And most importantly, better means that once we work together, we’ll be more than just supplier and customer: we’ll be one united force for the planet working to do even better for our environment. So, are you with us?

Our Services

But before all that inspirational big-picture thinking, you’re probably first wondering if we can meet your most basic business needs – don’t worry, we get it. Take a look at our suite of services that we’ve designed to meet the needs of both the bigger established chains and the smaller independent shops still getting their feet.

next day delivery

Next Day Delivery

In a pinch and need those cups tomorrow? Monday – Friday we offer next day delivery for all orders placed before 1pm!

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Free Shipping

It’s our favourite four letter word: Free. We offer free shipping to the UK on all orders above £100! Pretty great, huh?

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custom printing

Custom Printing Services

Make your packaging your own with our custom branding services – we offer custom printing and custom stickers.

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Easy Online Ordering

Are you a night owl? Or prefer online services? Our online webshop makes it easy to order whenever and wherever you prefer shopping.

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Free Samples

Not sure what you want? Need to try it before you buy it? No problem! We offer free samples so you can make sure our packaging is right for you.

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marketing support

Marketing Support

You do such good work by using our eco-packaging – now tell your customers all about it. We offer our customers digital and in-store marketing support.

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What You Can Expect From Us

We’re so much more than a supplier of fab eco-packaging with a list of fantastic services. Once we’re partners, we think of you as part of our eco-family. And with the same devotion we commit to our own team, we think it’s important you know exactly what you can expect from us as your supplier. That’s why we live by our Non-Negotiables: these are our unwavering promises to ensure you get the service you deserve, but even better.

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Your Packaging, But Better

We believe that doing the right thing should be as easy a decision as possible. That means you should never have to sacrifice quality or value when choosing to go sustainable with your packaging. All of our packaging is high quality, great value, and follows the golden rule: we only supply packaging that we would use ourselves!


Customer Service, But Better

We know that every order you make isn’t just a box of cups, it’s the lifeblood of your business. We are devoted to getting you exactly what you ordered, exactly when you’re expecting it, full stop. When challenges arise, we go above and beyond the call of duty to right every wrong and keep you consistently satisfied, or better yet, wildly impressed.

Your Supplier, But Better

Personal relationships matter to us – like, a lot. We’re not interested in just being your supplier, instead we want to be mates or even better for you to consider us as an extension of your business. Working with us means that you’ll be on a first name basis with our customer service team and we’ll have a relationship built on trust.

Trust, But Better

There is so much false, confusing information today that it can be hard to know what’s what. We like to offer our customers a balanced picture of reality – we give it to you straight and allow you to make the best informed decision for your business. That might mean that we don’t always have the sexiest answers, but when you work with us, you can trust that you’re always getting the facts as they stand today, and never green-washed marketing speak. After all, we are in the business of doing better by the environment – and there’s no room for faffing about.

Sustainability, But Better

It can be hard to do right by both the planet and your business. But don’t worry – we offer high quality, great looking, sustainable packaging at great value. There is no best solution when it comes to sustainable disposable packaging, but there are better solutions and that’s what we’re here for. We don’t just have just one way to go sustainable – we have two ranges of eco-packaging that allow you to choose what’s best for your business! Pick from our Sustain Range which is made from plants and is 100% commercially compostable; or our Revive range which is recyclable packaging made from recycled materials.

green lbp flower

Keeping Up, But Better

Every day it seems there’s something new in the packaging industry – it’s a lot to keep track of, let alone understand. By partnering with us, you are tapping into a resource that will keep you at the forefront of the industry. This way, you don’t need to worry about keeping up with all the innovations; we’ll do that for you and ensure we are always offering the most sustainable packaging on the market today. A great way to stay cup-to-date with us by signing-up to our Monthly Newsletter or following us on Twitter, Instagam, and Facebook @londonbio.