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Why Use Sustainable Packaging?

You’ve seen the news, you’ve watched Blue Planet II, but you’re probably still wondering – why should you go eco? Great question.

Here are some of the other main reasons our customers choose to use sustainable food and drink to-go packaging:

Here’s the scary stuff: Our planet and its creatures are suffering because of our human waste – our often harmful extraction of finite resources and our incessant littering. Our rubbish leaks into our environment: it’s in our parks, our water streams, our oceans, and therefore our food chain – yes you read that right, you’ve probably unknowingly ingested plastic! It’s killing species and endangering eco-systems. And that’s just how it impacts us in the UK – many other parts of the world have it much worse as litter and plastics disrupts water supplies and blocks all water flow. This is by all accounts not sustainable. Not for our planet, not for our oceans, not for life on earth.

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But don’t let that scare you – here’s the hopeful stuff: It’s not too late to turn the tide! Though there is no yet perfect sustainability solution for disposables in the UK, there are absolutely better ones made from renewable or recycled resources and recyclable or compostable – also known as our Revive and Sustain ranges. We believe wholeheartedly that every person and every business that decides to make the switch to sustainable packaging is making an immeasurably positive difference for the future of our planet. Every day, we meet new food service businesses who are passionate about doing better for the planet, who make the bold choice to take responsibility for the impact of their business on the planet by using sustainable packaging. How’s that for hope?!

So now you want to make your shop more sustainable – where can you start? First and foremost, consider how you use your packaging – is it fit for purpose? Are you putting one napkin in the to-go bag or 10? We say, always encourage your customers to think again before grabbing their disposables.

And then, when you’ve reduced and reused and still need disposable packaging, that’s where we come in.

We sell sustainable alternatives to food and drink packaging. Our two ranges Sustain and Revive are designed to reduce waste and encourage circular economies.

But we know even for the most environmentally minded, it doesn’t always feel like a simple decision to go sustainable. We’d like to change that. By partnering with us, you’re getting so much more than our high quality sustainable packaging: read about our suite of services and offerings here. 

Here are some of the other main reasons our customers choose to use sustainable food and drink to-go packaging:

Economic Motivations

In general, we as a global nation need to conserve our planet’s resources and not be economically dependent on finite resources. Recycling in the UK is getting better. Government is backing sustainability. Soon enough we can bet there will be legal requirements stipulating some type of sustainable disposables for food and drink service businesses. Put it another way, if you build your business on non-sustainable products (i.e. made from finite resources, and not recyclable nor compostable), at some point (likely sooner rather than later) you’ll likely need to make the switch and re-caluclate running costs – what a nightmare! As is often said in our industry, packaging doesn’t need to cost the earth. Our packaging is the highest quality and at a great value you can feel comfortable switching to eco-packaging.


Social Motivations

Overwhelmingly, the tide of consumer expectations is rising; today, it’s not just the impassioned fringe who expect their favourite shops to make ethical and sustainable choices, it’s also everyday consumers – oh, and the media. More likely than not, your customers will be expecting you to have a good answer to the million dollar question, “what are you doing for the planet?” As large coffee and restaurant chains make the shift to sustainable packaging, it’s worth thinking about whether you believe your customers will expect the same as theirs do. Recently, many of our customers have been reporting more and more questions from their customers about their sustainability efforts – that’s why we’ve developed these Marketing Materials to help them communicate their good work to their customers.

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Personal Motivations

In our opinion, using sustainable packaging is just the right thing to do. As an ethos-driven company ourselves, we try to do as much good as we can. By choosing Sustain™ or Revive™, you are adding your voice to the charge for better. You are making a statement about your business, communicating to your customers that your business stands for good; more philosophically, you are the pebble that creates the larger ripple of behavioural change to save our planet. We’re working toward a world where packaging waste is no longer wasted, we hope you’ll join us.

So, are you ready to give sustainability a go and become an Eco-Warrior? We’re so glad to have you.


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